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Gain Mass Internet Exposure with United Lending Network!

Becoming an EXCLUSIVE Network Lender will overall increase your Internet exposure and improve your search engine rankings. We guarantee it!

There are 2 very important benefits of having your URL on the united lender network.

Link Relevancy and Link popularity
Hers is what Michael Pedone (c) of 2004 SiteProNews has to say.
"Link popularity continues to be one of the most important aspects of any successful search engine optimization campaign."

On average your site's traffic rank will go up anywhere from 20-200% in the first month your link is on out network. By having your link on our network, you can accomplish one of the most important goals on the Internet. Link popularity. Your site will become more important to the search engines when they see how many Mortgage and Home Loans related links are pointing back to you. This will increase the search term scope on your site and since your site link will be on your local area in our network, it will be found under more search terms that it does currently does. www.sandiegohomeandloan.com was not listed in search engines for any local keywords until we introduced the link into our network. Now that site is enjoying the benefits of having potential clients find them for local search terms.

What is the United Lending Network?

Why is it important that United Lending Network manage all these web sites?

How Does the Network Of Sites Work?

What does this do for your Home Loans Web Site?

What Is the Overall Benifit?

Conversion Ratio Example

What are the URL’s my link will appear on?

Organic Search Engine optimization vs Pay Per Click Example


What is the United Lending Network?

It is a network 50+ web sites that are all mortgage and Home Loans themed. This is a specially designed service that will get you an extreme amount of exposure on the Internet, through the process of Organic Search Engine Optimization, with highly relevant Home Loans and mortgage, targeted search terms. Since we have partnered with and manage these highly relevant, highly themed web sites we are able to control all aspects of the online marketing from Content and Link popularity to SEO.

Why is it important that United Lending Network manage these web sites?

The simple answer is that having control over all the content, search engine optimization and internal and external linking strategies, ensures that all the sites become extremely relevant and authoritative. As a result, linking all of the themed web sites increases the overall value of our network to the search engines. Having this management over the network gives us the ability to strive very competitively in the Home Loans market for highly targeted search terms. If a search engine decides to change its algorithms and we lose positioning on the internet, we are able to alter our organic SEO to reflect the current adjustments in any particular search engine in days rather than weeks or months.

How does the United Lending Network program work?

United Lending Network works by having your web site link and contact information on our partner network of mortgage and Home Loans related web sites. Our partner network includes 50 homeandloan.com web sites that we manage. In addition, you will be the only Home Loans company on that page. We have introduced a level of exclusivity that is unrivaled on the Internet for the amount of exposure you will receive.

What Can This Service Do for My Web Site?

This service will provide three very important business functions for you:

It will dramatically increase your own sites link popularity to give your current website more value to the search engines
It will give you the ultimate relevant visitors to your business.
Finally, it will be a tool to help you cultivate more business by delivering people directly to the content they are searching for with access to your information.
Every STATE homeandloan.com web site we manage is well indexed in the search engines for hundreds of different keywords, included are county and community specific Home Loans terms. Here is an example of how the service works and why it may already directly relate to your local Home Loans business.

We have access to behavioral research on the Internet through our network of partners that work with search engines including Yahoo, MSN, AOL, AltaVista, Excite and others. Behavioral keyword research is the process of finding keywords that are actually being searched for on the Internet, we have access to this proprietary database that gives us the ability to do queries for what is really being searched all in a particular search engine.

The search term “Houghton Michigan Home Loans” is searched for 8 times a day on MSN.com, 4 times on Yahoo, 13 times on HotBot.com, etc After researching the proper search terms, we will then use those terms for optimizing web pages organically and we incorporate them into or search engine optimization strategy for each particular STATE homeandloan.com web site. For example, if a particular state like Michigan has 100 good county and community specific keywords that are targeted and relevant we will incorporate those terms into your online strategy for www.Michiganhomeandloan.com

What is the overall benefit?

You will not lose thousands of dollars spending on pay per click terms that are not relevant, or having to pay for invalid clicks from your competitors. Overture has many class action law suits against them for inflating and over charging clients. With us there is no pay per click!

The only traffic delivered to your web site will be relevant traffic. If you are a Home Loans broker in Michigan and you only do business in one part of Michigan would it not make sense to market to your area only? We also only allow one affiliate per area on our United Lending Network to increase the traffic to your site.

Conversion ratios

Let us use the standard Internet Model from www.marketconscious.com Most sites we see have a conversion ratio of well under 0.5%. This means that less than 5 in 1,000 visitors actually ever purchase anything on those sites! That conversion rate is cut in half for Home Loans sites due to the competition, hence, only 2.5 out of 1000 visitors is likely to do business with you.

Our United Lending Network

Due to our highly relevant targeted search engine optimization, our conversion ratios are extremely high. Conversion ratios dramatically increase if you are able to introduce people, looking for a specific product, directly to that authoritative page. An example of this has been described in the above.

A stat we can use is for the search term “mission beach Home Loans” has been number #1 on MSN for 4 months and receives an average of 75 visitors a month with an average of 30 signups for the MLS and 9 loan applications. That is all attributed to the Organic Search Engine Optimization resulting in the organic Home Loans lead or the organic mortgage lead. Organic Search engine referred leads are of the highest quality because they are looking for specific Home Loans areas with predefined intent to buy there.

What are the URL’s my link will appear on?
Below is a list of the partner websites that are indexed into the search engines and where your link will be located on. Each state web site contains a FIND A HOME link, where potential customers will find you.





How many pages do you plan to have top ranking in the search engines for? And does the service ever stop?

We plan to have at least 100 pages for top ranking highly targeted Home Loans related keywords for each one of our state home and loan websites in our network. We can build out these pages due to the highly relevant searches that are being done for these phrases on the Internet. Every month we identify new keyword phrases for county and community related terms. The service will never end! We might remove pages as they drop only to be updated by newer ones for mortgage and Home Loans strategic search terms.

Organic Search Engine optimization vs Pay Per Click Example

The Overture search term “zero down home loans” is currently being bid at $2.00 per click for the number 1 position and has been searched 1,365 times according to overture. Now this advertiser has paid a minimum of $2,730.00 in fees to Overture for this one search phrase “zero down home loans” this advertiser has 30 keyword phases that they are paying anywhere from $.90 to $12.67 per click. The term “ California loan” gets searched 8,215 times with a current cost of $12.67 per click, you do the math (overture bidding changes constantly, these statistics are from 5/14/2004 .)

On the other hand our Organically Optimized Sites are in the number 4 position for the same term. In addition, because it is organically listed in the engines, other Search Engines will detect those results and display them on their partner network of sites for free.



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