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1 link area across 52 Web sites. No one else can offer this a our prices. Not to mention fulfill the search engine requirements for your web sites to become more search engine friendly.

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Our Mortgage Web Network consist of 52+ mortgage web sites that we use to generate leads. All 52+ of our sites are in top positions on the search engines for hundreds of different keywords in Yahoo, MSN, LYCOS, EXCITE, and more. One site for each state. Most all of the sites are hosted with different IP addresses and with different hosting companies in each state, So your getting HUGE LINK RELEVANCY!!! So lots of different IP's

We ONLY ALLOWING ONE ADVERTISER Per Page !!, but more than that, you get the whole page! You can describe you business up too 200 words and put up to 3 links with different anchor text on your page that get distributed across the whole network of sites, this ensures that you will getting the spiders from our sites. With only one advertiser per page, how can you go wrong. Your link will be available via a FIND A LOAN link on ALL 52+ Web Sites. Our network of sites get close to 2.5 millions visits a month!! We get tons of visits from people using our real estate, mortgage tools and reading our real estate and mortgage news.

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All the sites are ORGANICALLY OPTIMIZED. NO SPAM, NO PPC, NO FAKE LINK BUILDING and defiantly NO FARMS. All winning bidder links must get approved and we have the right to reject links if we fell your site violates and search engines TOS. We work closely with the engines to ensure our network stays relevant.

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